Arts for Change

Arts for Change is North Yorkshire’s community arts fund, inspiring arts at the heart of North Yorkshire’s wellbeing.

Arts for Change provides a source of support that can be relied on, is simple to apply for and makes an impact on small scale grassroots community and arts organisations. Donations made to Arts for Change will help support the use of arts or other cultural activity to enrich and change the lives of those in need.

There are a number of good reasons why your support for this fund will make a difference…

  • Efficiency: one central County fund will save endless application time by these smaller charities and save potential donors the business of deciding between arts applicants.
  • Impact: through our networks we have a good understanding of impact and know the projects that deliver great benefits for individuals and communities.
  • Pooled resources work harder: by donating to this fund your gift will be pooled with others so that we will be able to support projects you couldn’t or wouldn’t on your own. We can also pool with other funds at the Community Foundation to support bigger projects.
  • On the spot: the distributions team will have a vital bank of local knowledge about the applicants and be able to make informed decisions about supporting them.
  • Get below the radar: through our networks and straightforward approach to grant-making we find invaluable projects about which you might never have found out about.
  • Start-up: your donation will encourage communities to start new and innovative arts projects to change lives. If the fund is there imaginative ideas will follow.