Corporate regional giving

ESG for Yorkshire businesses & organisations

Engaging with your community and being socially responsible investors is an increasingly important part of corporate life. Businesses can build trust, motivate employees and attract new business opportunities through ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) investing.

But it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to approach Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efficiently.

Two Ridings Community Foundation offers a unique service that helps companies and organisations make a real difference with ease. We provide a range of bespoke philanthropic options so your organisation can make a difference in the community efficiently, with real impact.

We help businesses of all sizes deliver the local element of their ESG agenda and can help you plan and develop your regional charitable giving.

Read our impact report – Your Support | Our Impact – for an indepth insight into the difference social investing makes, then get in touch with us to chat through how we can help you.

Partner with us for tax efficient giving

Two Ridings is a quality assured, accredited, charitable Community Foundation with a strong track record of grant administration for partner organisations such as The Bettys and Taylors Group, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and renewable energy companies AES.

We act as a tax-efficient channel for local giving, offering a variety of innovative charitable solutions so you can reach the heart of your community.

Whether or not you already have a strategic approach, we can help your organisation make a positive impact locally.

Supporting the people and places you care about through a named fund

Setting up a named fund operates like a charitable trust but at less cost.

They are straight forward to set up and are tailored to support the people, issues and places that matter to you and your staff.

Two Ridings handle all the administration and your organisation receives full recognition for all grants and donations made.

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Funders trust Two Ridings

“Two Ridings know what they are doing. They have a fantastic track record as a grant maker and we have complete faith in their judgement in administering our funds. They bring local expertise and knowledge and have a longstanding relationship with community organisations across the region.”

Celia McKeon | Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust are passionate about providing opportunity for social change locally as well as nationally. The have been using Two Ridings as their intermediary with the community groups in York for the last three years with their Step Change Fund

Local businesses supporting local causes

“Community Foundations make a real difference by bringing together those in need with those who want to help. If you are a local business with a passion for making a genuine impact and a tangible difference in the community where you operate, I would totally recommend being involved with your local Community Foundation.”

Sarah Jones | Full Circle Funerals

Full Circle Funerals in Harrogate set up a fund with Two Ridings to provide grants to support local community sector organisations and charities across the Harrogate district. They saw it as a way to make a difference locally, giving people long lasting support in the area.


Regional businesses reach local communities

“We truly enjoy working with Two Ridings, their knowledge is phenomenal, they are so well connected. As a grant maker the go the extra mile; always on hand to talk us through anything community related. Working with them shapes our ambitions for the future; reaching groups we wouldn’t reach ourselves.”

Sarah Wells | Bettys & Taylors Group

Bettys and Taylors Group are a family owned value-led Yorkshire business all about making a positive difference in the community. Two Ridings manage two of their funds and one for the Bettys and Taylors Family Group as well.