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Engaging with your community and social concerns is becoming an increasingly important part of corporate life. Businesses can build trust locally, motivate employees and attract new business opportunities.

But it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to approach corporate giving or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efficiently.

Two Ridings CF offers a unique service that helps companies and organisations make a real difference with ease. We provide a range of bespoke philanthropic services so your organisation can make a difference in the community efficiently and with real impact. We help businesses of all sizes deliver the local element of their CSR agenda and can help you plan and develop your charitable giving.

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Two Ridings Community Foundation is a quality assured, accredited, independent charity with a strong track record of grand administration for organisations such as Bettys, Joseph Rowntree Trust, Comic Relief, the Royal London Foundation, the North Yorkshire County Council and renewable energy companies AES and EDF.

We act as a tax-efficient channel for local giving, offering a variety of innovative charitable solutions so you can reach the heart of your community.

Whether or not you already have a strategic approach, we can help your organisation make a positive impact locally.

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Setting Up a Named Fund

(Minimum £25,000)

Setting up a named fund operates like a charitable trust but at less cost.

They are easy to set up and are tailored to support the area or cause that matter to you and your staff.

We handle all the administration, and your organisation receives full recognition for all grants and donations made.

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Working with Bettys

An example of a successful business partnership is our work with Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate.

We manage and administer Bettys & Taylors Group Community Fund which funds Yorkshire-wide projects providing small grants to community groups all over Yorkshire to tackle inequalities, improve wellbeing, give people opportunities and make the region a better place.

We also work directly with the Bettys family on the Bettys & Taylors Family Fund which distributes funds to groups with the aims of improving the lives of young people and children through food. Lots of groups around the region are now planting, cooking and learning life and employment skills through the opportunity.

We love working closely with corporates and ensuring their funds reach as many people as possible.

An easy process

When it comes to your own fund, you can nominate who you would like to benefit and the extent to which people in your organisation are involved with the grant-making.

We understand how important it is for employers to see the impact of their investments. That is why our fund holders receive periodical impact reports to quantify the difference their funding is making. Fund holders also have the opportunity to see first-hand the invaluable work of community groups and the added value your local giving brings to local people.

Sponsorship opportunities offer local businesses the chance to support and attend philanthropic development events and publications.

Gifts of shares or trading stock can collect relief from Corporation Tax at its highest rates and are not liable for Capital Gains Tax respectively. The donor can also claim full income tax relief at their highest rate.

CSR Audit – if you would find it helpful we offer a CSR audit to businesses.

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Please do get in touch with us at an early stage in your thinking about Corporate Giving. We would be happy to work with you and your CSR team to design the best corporate giving strategy for your business.

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