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The Two Ridings Community Foundation response to the Coronavirus crisis – updated 29th April 2020


The following describes our local response to the Coronavirus crisis facing communities across the UK. This page will be updated regularly & content will be shared via a regular briefing to stakeholders. To receive the update please email

On Monday 27th April 2020 we launched our second phase of grants. This will provide larger grants of up to £10,000 for key community organisations. We are also inviting groups to share their proposals for larger partnership bids. Full details & how to apply are available on our website here.

Moorlands Goole home food delivery

Moorlands Goole, funded to assist with home food deliveries April 2020

Two Riding’s Coronavirus Community Fund phase 2 grants is a follow on from our immediate response grants which were offered initially to support community groups with a small amount of emergency funding to respond to their immediate needs and those of the communities they work with.

In this first phase small grants of up to £2,000 were provided with the focus on those groups seeking to adapt the way they work in order that they could continue to support their beneficiaries or cope with an increase in demand. Many grants were also awarded to groups providing an urgent response to the threat of coronavirus supporting communities with food and medicine deliveries, mental health support and befriending. To date we have made 93 of these awards, totalling £176,267. We are one of 25 funders who are publishing their Coronavirus related grants on 360Giving. To see this data visit 360 Giving’s Coronavirus response grants tracker here. Or to see the list of grants we’ve made visit Grants made 28 March to 22 April by area.

These small grants will continue to be available for this type of activity to groups who only require a small amount of funding and we will continue to deal with these using a ‘light touch’ approach with a short application form and very basic monitoring.

As we move into this next phase of our grant making strategy, we are responding to the needs of key community organisations that have a wider reach and a strong track record of supporting communities and are continuing to deliver a response to the emerging needs and/or are ready to think about how they maintain their services now or for the longer term. We will also prioritise groups that are working with the most marginalised and underrepresented people in our communities. We are aware that some larger organisations may ordinarily be excluded from applying to us. These are not ordinary times and we welcome enquiries from larger organisations working locally. Get in touch with Jackie McCafferty Programmes Manager via her email

In this phase there are larger grants of up to £10,000 and we will also welcome larger partnership bids from groups that are seeking to come together to provide a strategic solution to a particular issue for example food provision in a particular geographical area or support for people affected by homelessness.

We also recognise that as we move through the current crisis, groups will need to turn their attention to their own longer term survival and we fully expect that groups will be at different stages along this particular journey balancing the needs of maintaining their current delivery with their future viability. Some will have given it a lot of thought and many will not have had the space to process this yet.

We are keen to ensure we can support key groups whenever they are ready to apply so do not think that this is a first come first served application process.

In addition to all of these issues we ourselves are learning. We will continue to fundraise, advocate for our groups and work in partnership with other funders as it is our intention to provide support not only through phase 2 of maintaining services but also into a further rebuilding and resilience phase. So, even though since we last sent out this update we have more than doubled our funds raised from £700,000 to over £1.6m, we are maintaining our drive to encourage more donations. We want to ensure we can support local groups now and for the long term. Thank you to all our donors, and supporters like the National Emergencies Trust who have been so generous. To donate please get in touch with Jan Garrill, CEO via her email here or donate online here

We are doing our utmost to continue our work providing grants from other funds where we can. Our support for people affected by flooding earlier in 2019/20 has not stopped, and we are continuing to pay grants already awarded from other programmes.

The team at Two Ridings Community Foundation


National Emergencies Trust

Since the #NETCoronavirusAppeal was launched in mid March it has distributed £25m of the funds generously donated so far, providing vital support to people who need it most during this crisis.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge is the National Emergencies Trust’s first patron. We look forward to working with him and all of our partners including the UK Community Foundation, to roll out help to where it is needed most.

On Sunday 12th April Jacky Crawford, manager of Moorlands Centre in Old Goole was interviewed by HRH the Duke of Cambridge as they had received a grant from Two Ridings Community Foundation to support their work to provide meals at home for elderly and vulnerable people.