Donate to the Cost of Living Crisis Fund

The cost of living crisis is proving to be as big a problem for people and society as Covid was. More and more people need the help charities provide, yet charities are already finding it harder to support them as inflation increases their own costs and erodes the value of reserves and pre-pledged donations.

Utility bills are trebling, food prices in Yorkshire have risen hugely, with no end in sight for when they will stop rising. It’s deepening existing poverty and is tipping others into poverty who were just about managing before the crisis hit.

And it isn’t just people who are affected. Charities and community groups, the very lifeblood of support for the people suffering, are being hit hard too. We have seen some organisations close down because they can’t afford to operate, and many more are on the brink.

And it is getting worse.

Our North and East Yorkshire Cost of Living Crisis Fund has been set up to give people an opportunity to donate whatever they can afford to support other people struggling because of rising costs of energy bills, fuel, food and other daily living costs.

We accept any donations to the fund, including people passing on some or all of their Winter fuel allowance.

All money donated to the fund will be distributed as small grants to charitable partner organisations with a proven track record,  who will pass this on to people in North and East Yorkshire in the best way to help and support them at this time of crisis. It will also be used to enable the small community groups supporting local people to carry on the work necessary to alleviate the crisis.

As of September 2023, Two Ridings have donated £429,122.00 in the form of 139 grants to community organisations across the length and breadth of York, North & East Yorkshire, Hull, helping thousands of people during very difficult times.

​How to donate:

To donate up to £500, click on the pink ‘Donate’ button on this page.

To donate larger sums, you may want to send a cheque or pay directly into the fund without administrative fees. Please call Celia on 07519 485103 or email her directly on [email protected] to arrange your giving.

​If you wish to donate via cheque to the Cost of Living Crisis Appeal please make cheques payable to Two Ridings Community Foundation and write on the back ‘Cost of Living Crisis.’

If you are a UK tax payer donating by cheque, please fill our our Gift Aid form. This means that we increase the value of your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you.

Send cheques to:

Two Ridings Community Foundation
Pavilion 2000
Amy Johnson Way
YO30 4XT