Emerging leaders in Hull and East Yorkshire –  Join us to build your resilience, confidence and network 

Do you want to be a more resilient leader?  

Do you want to be more connected with other regional leaders and organisations?  

Is it time to do something for yourself?  

Then apply for the next HEY Confident Futures Leadership Programme.

Starting in January 2022, we are inviting 10 emerging leaders working in the voluntary and community sector in Hull or East Yorkshire, to apply for our intense 6-month HEY Confident Futures Leadership Programme.

The programme supports emerging leaders to understand themselves, know their motivations and to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

It gives leaders the opportunity to think about what influences them and their organisation and the setting they work in. It explores how that impacts and affects the wider sector.

Leaders on the programme create a brilliant network of the other leaders in their cohort and the wider region.

The programme involves one-to-one sessions with coaches and facilitators, along side self learning. Our events bring together the whole cohort with influential speakers for in depth learning, developing a stronger understanding of leadership and how it impacts everyday work and most possibly everyday life as well.

This is a unique opportunity for those working in Hull and East Yorkshire in the voluntary and community sector. A meaningful chance to step back, learn and develop as an individual.

Last year HEY Confident Futures worked with hundreds of emerging leaders, people of all different backgrounds, ages and abilities. There are no restrictions on how long someone has been in their job or where they are in their career to apply.

This is a significant investment on offer to individuals, and for that, leaders are expected to put in 11 days learning and development on the programme, with the opportunity to do more if they wish to extend their learning.

Feedback from the programme sees people feel more resilient as a leader, more connected to the sector and the region and having a generous, collaborative relationship with the other people in their cohort.

We are building confidence for a more resilient, connected, influential Sector. 

We are building the leaders of tomorrow.  

Drop us an email for more information, or pick up the phone on 07736 147674, we are really happy to have a chat.

Apply for the Leadership Programme