Allerton Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund

The Allerton Park Landscape and Cultural Heritage Fund is designed to assist with projects which enhance the landscape, cultural heritage and biodiversity of the designated area of benefit around the Allerton Waste Recovery Park and also projects which mitigate the visual effects of the site within that same area.

Please note that 2019/20 will be the final year of availability of this fund and as such whilst it is our intention to hold two final funding panels for grants over £1000 in August 2019 and January 2020, this will be subject to available funds.

This is also the case for small grant awards of up to £1000. It is currently our intention to have three funding rounds however this will also be subject to available funds. If it is your intention to make an application for funding, we would recommend getting your application in early.

Size of grants

As the scheme moves into its final year, there are two levels of award.

  • Small grant awards of between £100 and £1000
  • Medium grant awards of between £1001 and £25,000.

The fund is aimed at projects which will make a difference to the local area around the Allerton Waste Recovery Park. The small grant award has a separate application process to the medium awards and the amount of information required will be proportionate to the size of the grant requested.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from individuals, private businesses and also the voluntary and community sector. Applicants must be based in or working in the designated area of benefit around the Allerton Waste Recovery Park. More information about the area of benefit can be found in both the  Guidance notes and the associated map detailing the boundary and priority areas for the scheme.The boundary for the Landscape & Cultural Heritage fund was established during the planning process and relates to defined landscape character areas and the visual effects of the waste recovery park on these areas. The boundary dissects the village of Upper Dunsforth and whilst the boundary will not be changed it has been noted that discretion will be exercised in this area to ensure that projects can be undertaken which may benefit the whole village, this does not include households which sit outside the main village or the smaller village of Lower Dunsforth.

  • For further information about eligibility and to read the guidance notes for the scheme, please click here
  • Please click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about the scheme
  • To see a more detailed map please click here



How to apply?

  • Before applying, please read the Guidance notes for this fund carefully.
  • Before applying for a medium sized grant, you may wish to complete a simple Expression of interest form to establish if your project is eligible for funding before completing a full application. Download an expression of interest form here. Expressions of interest can be submitted by email to or by post.
  • Applications are only considered “received” when all supporting documentation is received either as paper copies in the office or attached to the online application.There are four application forms, please read the instructions carefully to ensure that you select the appropriate application form
  • Individual applicants can click here to download an application form for the small grants scheme (under £1000)
  • Individual applicants can click here to download an application form for the medium grants scheme (over £1000)
  • Applicants applying on behalf of organisations should complete the online application process by clicking on one of the links below

APPLY ONLINE for the small grants scheme (under £1000)

APPLY ONLINE for the medium grants scheme (over £1000)

When to apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time.  In this final year 2019/20, as funds are becoming more limited, decisions on small grant applications will be made in May, August and December subject to available funding.

Deadlines for small grant applications will be:-

6th May (for decisions in May)

5th August (for decisions in August)

25th November (for decisions in December)

Decisions on applications for grant awards over £1,000 will be made by a special panel made up of local residents and technical experts.

Deadlines for applications over £1000 in 2019/20 will be:-

3rd June (for Jul/Aug 2019 panel)

2nd December (for Jan 2020 panel)

Applications which miss the deadline date will be forwarded into the next funding round subject to available funding.


Areas covered