Community First Prime Opportunities Fund

The Community First Prime Opportunities Fund has been set up by the generosity of a local donor.

It is an endowment fund and supports the whole region and causes close to the donor’s heart long into the future.

The fund is available to voluntary organisations, community groups, small charities and other not-for-profits serving communities in York, North Yorkshire, Hull and East Riding.

Projects must address issues which create barriers to young people aged between 11 and 19 from disadvantaged backgrounds from reaching their full potential.

Priority is given to projects aimed at supporting people from the most deprived communities.

Working with Two Ridings, the donation for this fund was increased by 50% from HM Government’s Office for Civil Society under the Community First endowment match challenge initiative. It also received gift aid to maximise the opportunity for tax-efficient giving.

Size of grants

You can apply for £500 for up to 80% of the total project costs.

Priority is given to projects which demonstrate that people who benefit have raised some of the funding required through their own efforts.

It is also favours projects where the grant covers a significant proportion of the project costs.

Who can apply?

To apply, you should meet our general eligibility criteria.

Applications are also accepted from individuals. Please use the following link if you are an individual applying:

Individual application

How to apply?

Please read the Community First Prime Opportunities Guidance notes 2023 for this grant scheme carefully.

Next, use the link below to apply.

Finally, please make sure you have attached all your supporting documents to your application. You can also email supporting documents to us.

Your application is only complete when we have received all your supporting documents.

NB: If you are sending your supporting documents in the post, please can we ask that they are NOT stapled. Thank you so much!

When to apply?

Awards are made on an ongoing basis subject to funding being available, there is no deadline.

We aim to make decisions within 6 weeks of receiving an application.