Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund is being made available by Octopus Solutions, the developers of the Fraisthorpe Wind Farm. This fund supports projects that improve the local quality of life and community resources for residents who live in the parish council areas of Barmston and Fraisthorpe, Carnaby and part of the area served by Bridlington town council that sits south of the Spa.

We will give priority to projects that:

  • Enhance quality of life for local residents
  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable communities
  • Promote community spirit and encourage community activity.

Larger grants

Your larger grant or multi-year request could include but isn’t limited to:-

  • Refurbishment of community buildings or other local assets
  • Community transport or digital projects for isolated areas
  • Community leisure facilities
  • Outreach & support services for people in rural isolation.

Size of grants

You can apply for a microgrant of up to £1,000 at any time.

We are currently closed for larger grants.

Who can apply?

Please read our ‘How to Apply’ page for information on general eligibility

Your group must:

  • Be a voluntary organisation, community group, small charity or other type of not for profit organisation with charitable aims
  • Have a constitution or governing document
  • Have been in existence for at least 6 months
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group
  • Have at least 3 unrelated people on your management committee.

And you must be based in, or serve people living in, the area of benefit. That is the parish council areas of Barmston and Fraisthorpe, Carnaby and part of the area served by Bridlington town council that sits south of the Spa

How to apply?

Firstly, please read our guidance on who can generally apply to Two Ridings Community Foundation. You can find it here: How to Apply

Before applying, please read the  Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Fund Guidance Notes 2024 for this grant scheme carefully. Then fill in the online form. Please note there are separate application forms, depending on how much you are applying for.

Lastly, your application is only complete when we have received all your supporting documentation. Attach your documents to the online application, or you can email them to [email protected]

Please note: If you are sending your supporting documents in the post, please can we ask that they are NOT stapled. Thank you so much!

How much should I write?

We expect that you’ll provide information in proportion to how much funding you are requesting. This is because you shouldn’t have to write as much for a £3,000 grant as for a £15,000. So, the word limits on the application form for larger amounts are not an expectation from us for all requests! However, if you are applying for more, we do expect more detail. If you are applying for more than £10,000, please also make sure you complete the extra questions on the form.

When to apply?


We are currently open for microgrants. You can apply at any time and there is no set deadline. We aim to respond with a decision within 4-6 weeks of receiving your fully completed microgrant application.

Larger grants

Later in the year, at the end of May, we will open the fund for another round for grants of up to £15,000. If you applied before the 30th of March, we will let you know a decision by the end of May.

Apply for a micro grant of up to £1,000

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