York Small Charities Fund

The York Small Charities Fund aims to support small local VCSE organisations who have a positive impact on the well-being of people in York, and who are in hardship due to the financial challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Groups must be able to show both that they are in hardship, and that any funding awarded would make a difference to the medium- to long-term survival of the group. Applicants should be able to show how they will use the grant to help them become sustainable. This could be part of their long-term plans or a temporary measure in order to apply for larger funds, to allow the group to generate their own income, or to allow the group to recruit more volunteers.

Funding will be available for core running costs, for example:

  • salaries
  • volunteer recruitment
  • overhead costs (utility bills, rent etc)

This list is not exhaustive.

Size of grants

Grants are available of up to £5,000.

(The panel may in exceptional circumstances exercise discretion and award further funding however this will be entirely at the discretion of the panel and groups should apply for up to £5000 only)

Who can apply?

All groups should meet our general eligibility criteria which can be found in our how to apply section

 Groups must:

  • Be based in City of York Unitary Authority area and/or serve the people of York
  • Have a management committee with at least 3 unrelated members
  • Be a voluntary organisation, community group, registered charity or other not for profit organisation
  • Have a bank account in the group’s name (with two unrelated signatories as a minimum)

For this scheme organisations must have an income of less than £150,000 based on their most recent annual accounts. Priority will be given to smaller organisations and those who can clearly demonstrate the impact the grant will have on their viability.

How to apply?

Before applying, please read the The York Small Charities Fund guidance notes 2020 for this grant scheme carefully.

When to apply?

The deadline is Friday 11th September 2020.

Recently awarded grants

Please click here to see the details of grants recently awarded from the York Small Charities Fund


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