York Street Aid

York Street Aid provides financial help to people who are, have been, or at risk of being street homeless, to support them to turn a corner in their lives.

Things people need to move off the streets vary from person to person, so York Street Aid enables someone to think about what will practically help them, and to apply for a grant to pay for it.

Each grant applicant works alongside a Support Worker from a local homeless organisation, who helps them apply for a grant that will help them turn a corner. It might be to pay for a course to improve employment opportunities, a laptop to feel connected or a gym membership for wellbeing. Something that will help that person move on from homelessness.  Ideas are not limited, because different people benefit from different help.

Size of grants

Grants are available of up to £500 for people affected by rough sleeping or street homelessness in the city of York.

Who can apply?

To ensure people’s wellbeing, applicants need to be referred by a relevant local support organisation that has assessed their circumstances and can confirm their need of the funding.

There are three criteria that people must meet in order to be eligible for a Street Aid grant:

  1. The person must be, or have a history of, street homeless, or be at risk of homelessness.
  2. The grant must be for something that would help the person get off, or stay off, the streets. Please feel free to be creative as to what that ‘something’ could be – we don’t restrict what people apply for, as long as it will practically help the person to get off, or stay off, the streets – see examples below in ‘Recently awarded grants’. The grant cannot be used for things that will help the person live on the streets, such as a sleeping bag or tent.
  3. The person must be a resident of, or have strong links to the city of York.


How to apply?

Before applying, please read the York Street Aid Guidance Notes for this grant scheme carefully.

Applications are only considered complete when all supporting documentation has been received either attached to the online application or posted to the office as paper copies.

When to apply?

Applications can be made at any time but will be subject to available funding.

The York Street Aid fund comes entirely from voluntary donations. Money raised is awarded in grants. If there is ever insufficient money in the fund to award grants at a particular time, referring organisations will be notified and the payment of grants might be delayed for a short time.



Recently awarded grants

The list below is intended as an example of the types of things that a Street Aid grant might be used for, however the needs of individuals will vary greatly and we would encourage applicants to think about what would make a real difference to them.

  • Funding towards a laptop to enable the beneficiary to complete a higher education course and apply for jobs
  • Paying for several sessions of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy or alternative therapies to enable the beneficiary to start addressing mental health issues that are holding them back
  • Funding for equipment that would help the applicant to reconnect to a hobby or take up a new hobby to improve mental health.
  • Funding towards a computer to enable the beneficiary to access and process photographs to sell and exhibit
  • Paying for the use of an allotment, including a shed and tools, which would bring the beneficiary many mental and physical health benefits
  • Funding to help with health and fitness goals – including gym clothing, trainers, classes or membership
  • Buying a bike, plus helmet, lights and reflective clothing to get to work.




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