In 2020/21 we distributed £3million to support community organisations in North & East Yorkshire

How does last year’s funding breakdown?

2020/21 has been an extraordinary year for every single person, community and business around the globe.

The shutting down of society as we know it, the inability for the groups we support to fundraise or sustain themselves, the increase in health needs – just about everything coronavirus has thrown at us – has seen life at Two Ridings Community Foundation get exponentially busier.

Grant making for us has exploded.

Thankfully many of our donors allowed us to re-purpose their funds and 75% of the funds we allocated were coronavirus related.

As a brief summary we awarded 670 grants, trebling the number we did last year. That’s £3million to support community organisations and their beneficiaries throughout North and East Yorkshire.

Our average grant was just shy of £5k and the geographical areas we covered shifted focus and were more reflective of need.

We are proud that we were able to make funding decisions much quicker, whilst retaining our quality and integrity, with grants taking an average of 4 weeks to turn around compared to 12 weeks in the previous year.

We still focus on small micro charities, 46% of our grants went to grassroots groups with an income of less than £50k.

We worked hard to reach groups working with people experiencing racial inequity and funded a forum working with leaders of these groups to support their applications.

We are also excited to align the difference we are making alongside UN Sustainable Development Goals to really highlight the societal issues we address.

Grants awarded by UN Sustainable Development Goals

All in all 2020/2021 has been non-stop for every single one of the team at Two Ridings and we are proud to have supported thousands of people supported by hundreds of inspiring groups in the region.