Supporting Knaresborough communities in times of need

Supporting Knaresborough communities - Recovery Fund

At Two Ridings Community Foundation, we react quickly in a crisis, particularly when a local community is in need. Recently, Knaresborough was hit with flash flooding, affecting some local families and their homes. We worked with North Yorkshire Council and a local community organisation to speedily support those affected.

We have so far distributed £23,500 in emergency funding to 43 families, helping them with essentials like temporary accommodation, white goods and furniture. This helped the families to get back on their feet. We also provided a grant to Chain Lane Community Centre, whose team supported all of the local residents and worked closely with us during the emergency.

Because Two Ridings have a Recovery Fund earmarked for disasters, and our grants and finance team prioritised this crisis, we distributed this emergency fund quickly and efficiently. Our ability to respond in a timely way made a huge difference to those individuals and families affected.

Working closely with the Emergencies team at North Yorkshire Council and the community centre shone a light on the importance of collaborating effectively in times of need. Our knowledge, resources and connections enable us to ensure people and communities have the support they need, when they need it.

Celia McKeon, Chief Executive of Two Ridings said…

“We were able to provide immediate relief to those affected by the flooding, thanks to our strong community ties and the wonderful team here at Two Ridings who went above and beyond to get the money out quickly through a simple process. It’s during these times that the true spirit of our community shines through.”

The compassion, creativity and determination shown by all has been truly inspiring. Looking ahead, we remain committed to supporting communities throughout the region.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this possible.