Partner Organisations

Two Ridings CF works in partnership with a number of organisations in the area and beyond. We are part of a national network of community foundations and engage with other community foundations in the network, most particularly those closest geographically.

Public sector bodies are increasingly looking to community foundations to look after dormant funds which they may hold, and to support a wide range of activities in their areas. Similarly, some national charities will work with community foundations to achieve grassroots objectives.

There are many companies who look to have an association with one or more community foundations as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and will become members or supporters of each relevant community foundation.

Two Ridings CF has a Supporters scheme for individuals, businesses and companies.


Those partners who are also fund holders are shown below:

York Professionals
Hungate York Community Fund
Greencoat UK Wind
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
North Yorkshire County Council

Two Ridings CF works closely with other partners who are very important in helping us achieve our objectives.

Tennants Auctioneers
Lord Lieutenant
High Sheriff
Garbutt & Elliott
CCLA Good Investment
Bown Shipley Wealth Management
The Goldsmiths' Company