Possibly the most generous man in York donates quiz winnings to York Street Aid

It’s always lovely to hear a story of generosity, especially at this time of year, so it was wonderful to hear about Conor Scott, a 24 year old from York, donating his £375.41 winnings from a quiz at Spark York to York Street Aid.

Conor heads down to Spark every week to have fun at their Wednesday Quingo session (a cross between a quiz and bingo), but he was very surprised when he won the main raffle prize after a one in eight chance.

‘It’s a lovely bar with lovely people and staff and I love that it is community driven.’

He admitted his first instinct was to go and blow the winnings, but thought more on returning home and talked to a mate who suggested he give it to charity.

The seed was sewn.

‘I knew I had to do give the money to charity and York Street Aid was the natural choice.’

So Conor brought the whole lot back the following week and donated it to York Street Aid.

Spark has a York Street Aid tap point, just outside Melk cafe, which anyone can tap with their card and donate £3 to Street Aid. The idea is that rather than give loose change to someone on the streets, loose change gets added together with everyone else’s small donation and they can be given out as a meaningful grant to someone who is homeless, or at risk of homelessness, to help them turn a corner.

Conor went on to say that it felt wrong to profit from such a good space and as Spark is non-profit and so community-focused, it felt right to give to a charity.

‘For many people Christmas is the best time of year, but for people on the street it must be the hardest time. Once I had the idea, I knew that to give the winnings away to help someone else would be a lovely thing to do.’

All the team at Two Ridings think Conor is an absolute star!

If you want to be like Conor and make a donation to help marginalised people in York turn a corner, you can pop along to Spark and tap the tap point there, text YORKSTREETAID to 70085 to donate £3 – or got to www.yorkstreetaid.org.uk to donate larger sums by clicking on the big orange Donate button at the bottom of the page!