Professional Advisors

Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial planner, investment advisor or have a specific interest in the technical aspects of planned giving, by combining your expertise with our experience in advising on philanthropy, together we can ensure that your clients’ charitable giving meets the local causes they wish to support.


Our Work with You

As your clients’ understanding of social needs and their role in supporting their own communities increases, there is a growing interest to learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving and the options available to them. Good advice in this area is vital.

Working together we can provide a fully inclusive package to help you meet your clients’ charitable goals and exceed their expectations in terms of the range of options available to them.

Existing Charitable Trusts

We can take on existing charitable trusts. Indeed the Charity Commission has nominated Community Foundations as the ideal recipient of dormant or ineffective Trusts. We are pleased to have discussions with you about trusts experiencing difficulties making effective grants or attracting new trustees.


The longevity of Community Foundations and our Quality Standards make Two Ridings CF an ideal beneficiary of any funds your clients wish to leave to local causes.

Quality Standards

Information Pack

Two Ridings CF has prepared an Information Pack for Professional Advisors which you can download here:

Information Pack

This Comprises a series of information leaflets which you can also download individually:

Working in Partnership with Professional Advisors

Setting up a Personal Fund

Comparative Table – Fund v Charitable Trust

A fund with a Community Foundation

Legacies – Leaving a Gift in a Will

Charitable Trust Transfers

Dormant Client Funds and Unclaimed Client Accounts

In Memory and Tribute Funds