Projects Supported

The impact Two Ridings CF achieves is best illustrated by looking at some of the projects supported in more detail. Examples are given below.

A full list of grants made is available.

Grants Awarded 2017-18

Each project has been selected in accordance with the priorities identified for the relevant area. We publish these through a series of Vital Signs reports. The project has then been through our rigorous Accredited Grant Making process.

Vital Signs Reports

Accredited Grant Making Process


The Moorlands Community Charity

Based in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, the Moorlands Community Charity have received two large awards from funds held by Two Ridings CF, as a result of their significant impact in their local community. The charity works tirelessly to provide support to low-income families and people living in poverty and isolation. Some areas of Goole are within the 10% most deprived areas of the UK, where as many as 1 in 4 children and 1 in 3 pensioners live in poverty.

Moorlands have been funded via the Anna Maria Fund to support their Meals on Wheels service and luncheon club for older people experiencing poverty and social isolation. Research by Age UK shows that older people living in Goole have a very high risk of loneliness. The luncheon club and Meals on Wheels service offered a nutritious meal and some respite from loneliness to 260 older people. By partnering with another local organisation, Goole GoFar, the project was able to provide transport for isolated older people living with disabilities.

One service-user said “I look forward to seeing the van pull up on the drive. It’s my lifeline. I’m disabled and can’t cook my own meals and the food is so nice.”

Our second award to the Moorlands Community Charity was a multi-year grant of £20,000 from the East Ridings Crime Reduction Fund to support their Youth Club, Cyber Café and ‘Us Girls’ group. There are over 400 incidences of anti-social behaviour in Goole every year, and high levels of youth unemployment. The Moorlands Community Charity provides a youth provision and diversionary activities for young people in an area that suffers from high levels of anti-social behaviour. This provision offers young people with disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to engage in learning, discussion, and fun activities in a safe and confidential environment.

Community Furniture Store Ryedale

Community Furniture Store Ryedale are a registered charity based in Scarborough and have received two recent awards from Two Ridings CF. The charity upcycles and sells low-cost furniture, and offers further discounts to people who are living in poverty or receiving benefits. 2,945 children and 4,255 pensioners in Scarborough live in poverty. Some areas of Scarborough are within the 10% most deprived areas in the UK, where almost 1 in 2 children live in poverty. At the Community Furniture Store, a family living in poverty could buy a bed and mattress for their child for less than £30.

In addition to selling the furniture, the charity also employs volunteers to reupholster, upcycle and deliver the furniture. Their volunteers are people that are unemployed and have large gaps in their employment record. Volunteering with the Community Furniture Store helps them to bring their CV’s back up to now, and as one of their volunteers puts it, it “makes them feel like people again”. Despite high levels of unemployment in Scarborough, up to 30% of volunteers who work with the Community Furniture Store enter employment.

The Community Furniture Store received a £480 grant from our North Yorkshire Community Fund and received a £7000 award at the 2018 High Sheriff’s Dragons’ Den.

Sleights Men’s Shed

Sleights Area Men’s Shed have received three awards to the value of £8,750 from our Community First Whitby & Scarborough, North Yorkshire Reward, and High Sheriff’s Dragons’ Den funds. The Shed is part of a small network of Men’s Sheds across the Scarborough district. They initially applied to us for funding to support the development of a Ladies Shed in Whitby, but our grants have since supported a second Men’s Shed in Whitby and some project work with local young people.

With the ongoing men’s mental health crisis, projects like the Men’s Shed are more important than ever. Several areas in Whitby have a high probability of loneliness for people aged over 65, and as many as 1 in 10 working age adults living in some areas of the town have mental health issues. The Men’s Shed offers companionship, friendship, and care to men suffering from loneliness, and mental and physical health issues. Each Shed has around 20 members, some of whom have had strokes, some have dementia, many are experiencing depression. But the issue that unites them all is loneliness and social isolation.

Sleights Area Men’s Shed is just one example of the small, grassroots projects that are doing vital work to meet local need. These small projects are often overlooked by national funders and rely on grant-funders like Two Ridings CF and our donors to continue making an impact.

Hull Sisters Ltd

Hull Sisters Ltd is an organisation that reduces social isolation and promotes integration for BME women living in Hull. Many of these women live in marginalised communities, and have experienced sexual and domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation, the threat of honour killings, and trafficking. Each of their projects reaches around 35 BME women. Hull is one of the most deprived cities in the UK, with high levels of poverty and social isolation. There are almost 36,000 migrants living in Hull, and 5,091 households that do not have English as a main language. This can be as many as 1 in 3 households in some areas.

We have supported Hull Sisters with 2 grants totalling £6,000 from our Comic Relief fund and the Grassroots Endowment. Aimed at building confidence, and reducing language barriers and isolation, their activities include English language and life skills classes, abuse awareness courses, coffee mornings, arts and crafts sessions, and women-only yoga. They also provide support for sexual and mental health, asylum issues, women that are living in poverty or need help applying for benefits, and women that are unemployed.

Art Therapy Yorkshire

Art Therapy Yorkshire have received £9,000 from our Arts for Change and High Sheriff’s Dragon’s Den funds to support their work around mental health in North Yorkshire. Based in Scarborough, the registered charity provides unique art psychotherapy sessions and one-to-one support to vulnerable children, young people and adults. Watch our video below to hear more about the impact of art psychotherapy on the mental health of one of their service-users.

With 9,440 people in North Yorkshire receiving incapacity benefits for mental health issues, and the continued lack of funding for NHS mental health services, the demand for organisations like Art Therapy Yorkshire is greater than ever. Our Vital Signs research has identified that mental health is a growing issue across North and East Yorkshire, and while organisations like Art Therapy Yorkshire are already achieving so much, there is great opportunity to do more.

Friends of West Bank Park

The Friends of West Bank Park in Goole received a £5,000 grant from our Rusholme Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. West Bank Park is based in a deprived area of Goole and is visited by many low-income families from Goole and the surrounding villages. The funding supported a project to install special playground equipment for disabled children.

Living with disabilities and struggling to maintain independence can have a long-term effect on wellbeing. Disabled children also experience isolation from their peers. 125 children under 16 claim Disability Living Allowance in Goole, with many of these claimants living in the areas surrounding the park. For the first time, children in wheelchairs were able to play in the park with their able-bodied peers.

The picture shows how well the accessible play equipment is being enjoyed