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Two Ridings CF awarded £1.2 million in grants to 158 groups and 313 individuals in 2020/21. These grants were utilised in a wide range of ways to have a significant impact on their local community. For every grant awarded we require a small amount of monitoring, this helps us to tell the story of the important work that is going on within our area.

The impact Two Ridings CF achieves is best illustrated by looking at some of the projects supported in more detail. Please note these projects and pictures were from before the current social distancing requirements were in place.



The Island, York

The Island in York supports York’s most disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated children and young people. The prime and essential heart of The Island is the restorative relationship with each child. As these flourish, trust is established, confidence builds, potential is unlocked, skills strengthened and dreams become possibilities.

The Island received funding from Two Ridings Coronavirus Community Fund in November 2020 to contribute towards the creation of 312 emergency “Hampers of Hope”. 156 York based vulnerable families received an emergency hamper every fortnight for two months. Contents included food soap, toiletries, activities, well-being resources such as arts & crafts materials, family games.

Scuba Diving For All

Scuba Diving For All have been successfully providing scuba diving training to the Ripon disabled community for over sixteen years. They also provide diving training and professional qualifications for non-disabled divers who are interested in becoming qualified to assist during training. They have received three grants from Two Ridings Community Foundation, totalling £7000 in allocated funds. They have 3 full time members of staff and 21 volunteers.

A grant of £3000 from THE LOCAL FUND for Harrogate District aided the group in replacing their failing scuba equipment. Being lighter and better fitting, this new equipment has greatly enhanced training. It will allow many more disabled persons this unique experience, something which they might have thought impossible.

Veterans Woodcraft CIC

Since 2017 Veterans Woodcraft have worked with veterans to encourage their recovery and reintegration into society after serving, and who have often experienced mental or physical health conditions as a result of their time in the armed forces. As well as working with wood, they offer time spent with like-minded people to promote well-being. They also offer their workshops to older people within the community, and take part in outreach sessions. Supporting from a base in Richmond, they have five part time staff and nine volunteers. They have received a total of £5,952.89 through two grants from Two Ridings.

The grant has allowed the group to arrange workshops specifically for Gurkha veterans, their wives and widows, and in the process overcoming the language barrier and everyone gaining trust and respect for one another. The Gurkhas and their families have become more involved in wider social events, more integrated into the local community, and have invited veterans of the woodcraft team to the Gurkha’s Christmas dinner, summer barbecue and to one of the family’s Pasni ceremonies (a weaning ceremony).

One beneficiary was an 82-year-old Gurkha veteran with the onset of Parkinson’s. He had little confidence or inclination to get involved, but found he could successfully operate the scroll saw.  He felt confident enough in his new skill to make a new handle for his Kukri (a traditional Nepalise knife). He is now much more involved and his mental health has improved in response to his involvement.

Vulcan Learning Centre

Established in 2012, Vulcan Learning Centre in Hull is led by young people for young people, to support them in developing respect, self-control, self-esteem whilst improving social inclusion and their chances for employment. Vulcan Learning Centre does this through sport and recreation, with a gym, a boxing club and allotment. They work with many other partners, such as probation and mental health services, and often work with people in crisis. They have eight full time and three part time staff, and eight volunteers. In total they have received three grants from Two Ridings, totalling £22,100.

This project was to establish a boxing club to support people experiencing mental health difficulties. Some members has experienced significantly poor mental health, and the boxing club has had a very positive impact on how they feel their health has been. The participants also felt that the personal development sessions were useful, particularly if they were gradually introduced once the initial boxing sessions had begun and they had come to know the members of staff. Some members felt the benefit of the boxing so much that they have begun to join other more general boxing sessions too.

 Tang Hall Smart CIC

Since opening in 2014 the Tang Hall Community Interest Company, based in Tang Hall, York, have provided a range of music/arts based clubs to the public. This is the second grant they have received from Two Ridings Community Foundation; with £3,789 being the total amount awarded to date. They have 5 volunteers,  20 staff.

Funding of £2000 from the Arts for Change fund has enabled the relaunch of a community choir and teen music club in this deprived area of York by covering the cost of membership. As a result of this funding membership has increased from 6 to over 20, including several members with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues. These new members experienced the joy of singing and achieved a boost to their well-being. Without this grant these new members would not have joined the choir as they could not have afforded to pay.

S is a young adult with learning disabilities. The choir is his first experience of attending a group where it is not targeted at people with disabilities. He loves coming and performed as part of the choir at both events listed above. His voice has become more tuneful, and he has altered his behaviour to fit in with the group, which means he is more self-disciplined, and has learned to sing as part of a group rather than just on his own.

Open Data and Grants Awarded

Information on recently awarded grants can be found on the relevant programme page, we are now going one step further and publishing the details of all our grants on annual basis as open data.

We are committed to transparency and are working with 360Giving to make data about our grant making freely accessible, so that funders, charities and researchers can use the data to improve grant making practice in the future.

When publishing our work, Two Ridings CF has three main aims:

  • That our data is useful – We wish to publish data that brings value to those building a stronger community and voluntary sector.
  • That our data is meaningful – We wish to publish data that adds to the ongoing dialogue and discussion about the sector.
  • That our data is accessible – We want to publish data in an open and accessible way, and provide regular narrative and understanding to our stakeholders.

Our open data policy will be robust and practical which should lead to greater engagement in the issues faced by the local community and voluntary sector across North and East Yorkshire.

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