Vital Signs Reports

Understanding the key issues in our region

Vital Signs reports highlight the key issues in our region. Understanding the needs of local people allows us to channel our grant-making into the areas that need it most and to evidence the need to fund holders, donors and other people who give to Two Ridings.

Many areas in North and East Yorkshire are considered affluent, yet our research shows that hidden poverty, loneliness and mental health issues are widespread across the region. We focus on each district at a Lower Super Output Area – the smallest neighbourhood area you can analyse statistically – ensuring that we identify pockets of need and the small, local projects that are best placed to help them.

Most of our research is conducted using online platforms such as Local Insight, datasets published by OCSI, the government, and independent organisations such as Age UK. We supplement this data with our local expertise on areas in the region and talking directly to the community groups we support year-on-year who meet local need.

We published the Vital Signs report for the Harrogate district and the East Riding of Yorkshire in 2017.  We also have a Fact Sheet on Ryedale.

January 2022 – We will be publishing new Vital Signs reports for the region over the next 6 months.

2017 Vital Signs report for the Harrogate district

2017 Vital Signs report for East Riding

2017 Factsheet for Ryedale

To find out more recent information about key issues in our region, please get in touch directly with Jan Garrill our Chief Executive.


The Vital Signs programme is an initiative supported by UK Community Foundations & Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.


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