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Making a positive impact on the people and communities in North and East Yorkshire for the last two decades, Two Ridings Community Foundation has distributed 5,344 grants totally £15.5million to date, supporting thousands of people and communities in the region.

In 2020/21 we awarded £3 million in 670 grants, alleviating poverty, reducing inequality, improving health & wellbeing and transforming communities through grants made to community organisations.

Your Support Our Impact

A full insight into the impact donor’s support made this year, can be seen in our latest Impact Report Your Support, Our Impact 

Impact report


Grants awarded

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Covid19 Grants Awarded 2020

Grants Awarded 2019-2020

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Grants Awarded 2017-2018

Open data and transparency

We are committed to transparency and are working with 360Giving to make data about our grant making freely accessible, so that funders, charities and researchers can use the data to improve grant making practice in the future.


Our Open Data Policy is robust and practical leading to greater engagement in the issues faced by the local community and voluntary sector across the region.

Open Data Policy

Open Data FAQ

How we work with community organisations

The Vulcan Centre in Hull

The Vulcan Centre is a organisation based in Hull that turns around the lives of the young people that go there. They help and support them at vulnerable times in their lives introducing them to training and education through boxing.

Very much a Hub of the community, helping many people through their food bank and distribution centre, gives young people purpose and direction. Two Ridings are one of their go-to organisations for support.

Sidewalk Youth Project in Scarborough

Scarborough suffers from many of the issues coastal towns are suffering from around the country, desperately needing reinvestment for the possibility to thrive again.

Sidewalk Youth Project are one of the local community organisations making a difference. Working together with the town’s young people to create a future for them. Two Ridings are very happy to be supporting projects like Sidewalk.

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