Supporting Hull’s ethnic communities through coronavirus

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Promoting equality and respect

Humber Community Advice Services supports ethnic minority communities across Hull and the neighbouring areas.

They are similar to a Citizens Advice Bureau but for cultural diverse communities offering free information, advice and guidance for people for whom English is usually not their first language, about 80% of which are vulnerable refugees or asylum seekers.

They aim to promote equality and respect for human rights of the ethnic minorities, and work towards elimination of their exclusion, exploitation, discrimination and poverty. They do this through advice & advocacy.


Overcoming barriers

Humber Community Advice Services requested funding to pay for the internet and staff to be able to move support online, and also to provide food where necessary. They normally support people through office-based drop-in sessions but coronavirus put a stop to that.

The funding will enable them to help people overcome the barriers they face through using alternative means of communication – phone, WhatsApp and Skype; and occasional socially distanced visits where necessary.

Amongst other things, this funding would pay for interpreters, buying mobile phone top-ups for isolated, lonely clients struggling financial and sourcing and delivering supplies to vulnerable people.

Support that is needed

“There was such amazing response to the support Humber Community Advice Services provided – there were queues around the block.”


Crucial for refugees and asylum seekers

As their beneficiaries include refugees and asylum seekers who are particularly disadvantages and vulnerable and may misunderstand Government directives on Covid, the funding was particularly crucial. It would:

  • Provide information – Enable people to meet their medical, welfare and other requirements which they may not easily access.
  • Give Confidence -Give people confidence in knowing different sources of support and that they are not alone or forgotten.


  • Enhance community -Reduce isolation among the beneficiaries, and enable them to share in community life without breaching the isolation requirements.
  • Provide protection – Give people the appropriate information and guidance so that they can protect themselves.
  • Promote support – Promote peer support amongst communities

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