Understanding localised need in North and East Yorkshire

Ask anyone about our region and you will hear a tale of many different places.

You will probably hear about the best coastline in the country dotted with picture postcard towns and fishing villages. About our beautiful Dales and rugged, dramatic Moors. Perhaps Hull
will come to mind, still thought of as our vibrant City of Culture, or York where history demands attention around every corner.

Oh yes, God’s own country is beautiful, varied and inspiring. But scratch below the surface and you see a different story.

Our region has been chronically underfunded, both through Government and charitable funders. This, combined with hidden poverty, loneliness and mental health issues, means our work as a community foundation is more crucial than ever.

Our local charities are still dealing with higher than ever levels of demand post the pandemic.

The cost of living crisis means more and more beneficiaries are relying on local community services, not just for ‘nice haves’, but for crisis support.

Delving deeper into our region

Increased operating costs, sometimes three-fold from the year before are seeing some charities fold or very close to it.

Our coastal towns are struggling, pockets of deprivation and poverty are just behind the ‘tourist-friendly’ seafront. The young people see them as towns designed with tourists in mind, not for local people to live in and thrive.

The vibrant city of Hull has an abundance of creativity and brilliant community organisations, however the inequalities and hardship run deep through many communities.

Being such a large county, rural towns and villages have dire transport issues, huge digital divides and are acutely affected by loneliness and isolation.

At Two Ridings our role is to represent and advocate for our region. Because of our understanding of the real issues on the ground, we do that.

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