How to promote your project to the world

Yes! You have received funding from Two Ridings. Now, how can you maximise the impact that grant is having on the people and communities you serve?

It’s easy. Start sharing your stories and communicating about it.

Following is some simple guidance on how you can tell the world about your Two Ridings funded activity and the impact of your work.

There are three easy things you can do:

  • Show off the Two Ridings Community Foundation logo
  • Tag Two Ridings in your social media
  • Let the local media know about your project

Show off that Two Ridings has supported you

Including the Two Ridings Community Foundation logo whenever you share stories about your funded activity highlights your connection with us and shows donors the great projects their investment has supported.

Your website

Some community groups have pages dedicated to thanking the funders and organisations that have supported them. Include a Two Ridings logo on this page and link it to our home page

Your social media

Do you talk about your project on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)? Display the Two Ridings logo in your accompanying images. Showing you have been funded by us shows donors the prominence of our support in the region.

Two Ridings logos

Download logos

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Shout about us on social media

Being tagged and thanked on social media highlights the impact our grant making is having, so it’s great seeing you showing the world yours news, pictures and videos. Importantly, the more donors who see the impact our grant making has, the more likely they will support us in the future.

So sharing your stories brings more money in, so we can give more funding out.

We like and share as much as we can, raising your profile and ensuring the impact of your project reaches more and more people.

Follow and tag Two Ridings

Twitter (@TwoRidingsCF)
Facebook (@TwoRidingsCF)
Instagram (@tworidingscf)


Tell your local media about your project

Being funded and being able to run your project or activity to benefit local people and communities is a huge achievement. It’s also a ‘good news story’.

Prepare a media release

Establish who the main newspaper and radio station are in the area and give them a ring to find out who to email a press release to.

Write a release saying you have received funding from Two Ridings Community Foundation and how the project will make an impact on the people in the community. Think how it will improve their lives and make a difference to them. Give the release a good title so it is clear what it is about and attach a good quality photograph and your contact details at the end.

We are always happy to do a quote for your release!

Share your coverage with Two Ridings

If you get coverage in newspaper, do share the web version of it with us and we will share it on our social media. If you are going to be on the radio, let us know and we will tune in!

Helping us helps you

Sharing your stories and promoting your Two Ridings funding is a great way of raising both of our profiles, but most importantly the more people that get to read the great stories and see our connection with them, the more people are likely to give us money.

The more donations we receive, the more we can support you and groups just like you.

Communicating your stories brings funding alive. 

Support when applying for funding

Other ways we can support you:

Read our How to Apply section

It will definitely help!

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