Changing the world, starting in Yorkshire

Whether you are a solicitor, accountant, financial advisor or wealth manager, Two Ridings can help you give the right advice. Enabling your private and corporate clients to make informed decisions about philanthropy, social investment and charitable giving in Yorkshire.

We have 20 years’ experience as philanthropy advisors and relational funders, helping donors change the world right on their doorstep.

We can advise you specifically, or work directly with your clients. Either way, our conversations always start around your clients’ interests and how they want to make a difference.

Clients are often interested in the financial return on their giving, the impact it has on local people and issues close to their hearts. Issues like rural isolation, children’s wellbeing and local deprivation. They also want to make a difference in the Yorkshire places they love.

Offering advice on philanthropic planning and local giving aligns your services with your clients’ core values and interests, and sets you apart from your competitors.

Let us help you. This is what Two Ridings, your local community foundation,  is all about.

Cost effective, tax efficient solutions

Through our knowledge and understanding of local needs in communities across Yorkshire, we provide a tailored and cost-effective solution for your client, giving them the flexibility to choose how, when and where they give.

We make giving easy and enjoyable.

We proactively seek out the charities and projects that are making a real impact in the region and report back to your client on the difference their giving has had.

Your clients can visit community organisations to see the impact their giving has or can remain completely anonymous, discretely enjoying their philanthropy from afar.


Investing in a way that works for you

They are many different ways your clients can invest locally:

  • Creating their own fund
    Let us manage the investment, correspondence, compliance & governance. Your client chooses the places and issues that matter to them.
  • Adding to an existing collective fund
    Collective giving into an already established fund on an issue they care about enables grants awarded to be larger and more meaningful.
  • Transferring a Trust
    Let us revitalise an existing Charitable Trust, releasing the responsibility from Trustees and working closely with the Charity Commission.
  • Leaving a legacy
    Enable your clients to leave a positive lasting memory for their loved ones.
  • Maximising unclaimed client accounts
    Use unclaimed client funds to directly fund local charities and community groups alongside their charitable objectives.

Call us to talk through your options.

Philanthropic solutions in Yorkshire


Modernising an inherited fund

What do you do when you have inherited an old charitable trust called 'Relief in cases of need of widows and orphans of officers in the Diocese of Ripon who lost their lives in active service' and don't know what to do with it?

Contact Two Ridings! We modernised it to the Yorkshire Forces Family and Veterans Fund and now it is used to support veterans and their families all over Yorkshire


Honouring the legalities of a Founder

"In broad measure I believe in supporting young people to help them fulfil their potential. Too often young people were prevented from an opportunity because they were from a one parent family who could not afford to help one sibling at the expense of another" Richard Weare

Richard Weare was a Jeweller in Harrogate who set up a charitable trust in 1999. With government match funding, when it came to be managed by Two Ridings it was worth over £1million. On taking over the fund, the trustees of the Charitable Trust were invited to stay involved thus ensuring Richard's original wishes were honoured. The Fund has helped hundreds of small community groups with projects supporting Richard's original vision.

Women and Girls Fund

Revitalising outdated funds

When an old charitable trust is all about 'helping fallen women', it can be a dilemma to know what to do. Two Ridings are perfectly placed to offer advice on revitalising outdated funds so they can benefit people and communities all over the region.

Two Ridings transformed the York Moral Welfare Trust into the Women and Girls Fund which now regularly funds positive support for grassroots organisations supporting women all over the city.

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