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Harrogate Street Aid

Harrogate Street Aid helps people on the street turn a corner. Giving small change to someone on the street may only keep them there – donating to Harrogate Street Aid (combined with other donations) will make real change to lives. ‘Money donated goes directly to helping people in the Harrogate district who are, or have been, street sleeping leave the streets behind.’

It's your choice: small change or real change? Help us help those on the street turn a corner.

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Surviving the Covid Winter

Two Ridings Community Foundation is raising funds to be able to support vulnerable people through this unprecedented time.

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York Street Aid

As well as providing practical help to people on the streets, Street Aid gives those who want to help an alternative way of giving. If you donate to Street Aid, your donation is combined with others to make a meaningful sum that will make a real difference to someone’s life. Money donated goes directly towards helping homeless people in York.

Help us help people on the street turn a corner.

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