More than a grant maker

Our unique regional insights make Two Ridings more than a regional grant maker. We are a community advocate, naturally giving a voice to all that is good locally.

We believe in a society that is connected, fair and robust. Our aim to reach the most marginalised and isolated people sees us push our resources to champion positive change. We ensure no one is left behind.

Creating stronger and more resilient communities

We are embedded in the communities we support and care deeply about the impact our funds have on local people. We are wholly invested in our work making a difference for the region’s people and places.

We walk beside groups. We listen, learn and nurture, providing paths for new leaders, enabling collaboration between complementary organisations and working in partnership for the benefit of everyone.

Working in Partnership

A stronger connected region

A connected region is what we strive for, working in partnership is our natural way of operating.

Strong relationships with national, regional and local organisations enable Two Ridings to influence change in far-reaching ways.

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Participatory Grant Making

Empowering local people through inclusive systems

Participatory Grant Making puts people and lived experience at the heart of the grant-making process. It essentially gives the power traditionally held by a few influential decision makers to a collective of people in the community who work together to decide how, who, where and what to fund.

Two Ridings have been learning and facilitating Participatory Grant Making since 2021.

Participatory Grant Making

Leadership and Capacity Building

Enabling our sector to grow

Providing funding to community organisations gives them the ability to provide their services and support to their local community. Offering leadership and training gives them the tools to grow and contribute.

Two Ridings have been running the HEY Confident Futures leadership network in Hull & East Yorkshire since 2020.

HEY Confident Futures Leadership Network

Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Addressing inequity and embracing diversity 

With people at the heart of everything we do, Two Ridings strive to be a fair and equitable organisation for everyone we work alongside.

All our policies and practices are informed by EDI and although we recognise that there is still a long way to go, we are committed to moving towards becoming the organisation we want to be.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

What people say about Two Ridings


Empowering leaders to empower others

“Confident Futures brings us all together. It empowers us, enables our work and makes us better leaders. I have learned so much from the programme and continue to learn and stay connected through it.”

HEY Confident Futures facilitates leadership and training for hundreds of emerging and experienced third sector leaders in the region. Investing in them, ensures the future growth of the sector and the region.

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Easy to talk to and respond really quickly

"One of my go-to people is always Two Ridings because of how supportive they have been, how easy they are to talk to and how they respond really quickly. They understand local groups because have been to see them or they have talked to them and they know how funding is best spent. I think that is vital."

The Vulcan Centre in Hull is an organisation that turns around the lives of the young people that go there. Helping and supporting them at their most vulnerable times, introducing them to training, education and wellbeing through boxing

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Local people enhancing decision making

“Having people with lived experience on our panels enhances the quality of the decision making. You hear from people 'on the ground' who truly understand complex local issues and the multiple complexities of the people our groups support”

Deciding Together was Two Ridings first experience of Participatory Grant making which saw £218,000 distributed to 20 groups to make lasting change for local York people facing multiple issues like homelessness, addiction, poverty and poor mental health.

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