Bringing employment skills to young people in Hull through food

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Creating opportunity in Hull

Giroscope is a housing charity in Hull who also support young people into fair-wage employment. They feel that no one should feel isolated from their community for reasons of poverty, homelessness or prejudice.

Alongside housing and employment services they run satellite projects teaching valuable life skills and creating social inclusion including refurbishing bikes, computers and furniture and community gardening. They also have a fully equipped training kitchen.

Giroscope applied for funding to fund long term education, training and support for young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs) in the Hull area, to support them into employment in the food and catering industry.

Supporting local people

Over the course of three years they want to put 75 young people – 25 a year – through the programme and move them a lot closer, or actually into, employment in the catering and hospitality sector.

They plan to do this through:

  • Positive supportive engagement with unemployed young people in their neighbourhood.
  • Teaching skills in catering and hospitality.
  • Offering accredited relevant qualifications
  • Practical experience in the workplace through work placements at The Zoo cafe in Hull.

Sophie's story

“I really enjoyed taking part in the 10-week cooking course. Before starting I was still really struggling with my self-confidence and finding it hard to make new friends. During my time on the course my confidence grew. I learnt loads of new dishes to try out at home, from vegetarian options to a full Sunday dinner, and now cook on a regular basis for my family.

It was really great to do the short theory courses alongside the cooking too. I’ve met some amazing new people and have gone on to help volunteer with cooking projects at Giroscope. It’s a brilliant way to learn new skills and meet new people whilst doing so in a safe space.”

Providing opportunities to the local community

Giroscope know that young people will find purpose in engaging in a productive activity and they’ll learn valuable life skills, alongside accredited qualifications and employability skills.

The whole process will build individuals self confidence and optimism and help reduce social isolation.

The neighbourhood in West Hull where Giroscope offer the programme is notoriously deprived with many ingrained social and economic problems.

Levels of unemployment among young people run at high levels. The neighbourhoods all lie within the bottom 5% of the Index of Multiple Deprivation rankings in England, most fall within the bottom 1%.

Giroscope also have a weekly supervised Job Club where they assist with CV & cover letter writing and job searching.

The Zoo Café, Giroscope’s own on[1]site café will give the learners the opportunity to gain front of house experience to further boost their skills and confidence, increasing their chances of employment.

Adapting during Covid times

“So far 11 individuals have either completed the course or are in training.

Members of this first cohort also gained valuable experience in a commercial kitchen in Hull when they eventually re-opened.

Because of the pandemic, it has been a very stop-start series of events, but despite this the young people maintain momentum.”

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