Mood boosting wellbeing sessions for the men of Hull

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Bringing a community together

City of Hull Sport and Community Group CIC is based at the heart of the Orchard Park and Greenwood Ward in Hull, which is in the top 1% for deprivation nationally.

With deprivation and poverty having a significant impact on the lives of local people, their mission is to use the power of boxing to bring the community together to participate in projects that tackle health, social, and employment inequalities.

They work with public and third sector partners providing a community anchor in Orchard Park that offers valuable services to people of all ages.

City of Hull Sport and Community Group are community led; managed by people who grew up on the estate. Participants help shape every part of their work to ensure it is truly need led and responsive.

Building resilience in men

Their Boxing Academy has a growing membership of over 250 residents from as young as five, through to seniors in their seventies who attend from across East Yorkshire.

Coaches work alongside Humberside Police to engage young people in diversionary focused projects during the evening. The centre also becomes a ‘Hub’ for holiday hunger provision during school holidays.

City of Hull Sport required funding to run weekly physical/mental wellbeing sessions for adult men in Hull to boost their moods and support resilience, coping skills and stress management. On top of this they will offer personalised employability support on finances, housing, benefits and getting back into work

In it together

Participants recognise that other men are going through similar challenges.

Together they can support each other and bounce back with greater confidence and self-esteem.


Addressing barriers affecting wellbeing

The group have listened to men on the estate who tell them that they feel isolated, with real fear for their own and their family’s future. They also feel lonely and have concerns over their employment.

Many of the men on the estate stated that their smoking or alcohol consumption had increased and mental health conditions worsened. Each session entailed forty five minutes of mood-boosting physical activity and half a session of targeted support, addressing key barriers which are having an impact on a person’s life.

The group also delivered food parcels to families living in real poverty and ran online physical activity classes.

Taking part will help the men

  • Form friendships, support and a social network
  • Have a better understanding of a healthier lifestyle
  • Have an improved mental resilience
  • Better family relationships
  • Progress back into employment

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