PARTICIPATORY GRANT MAKING: Deciding Together, York – Session 1

On 28th April 2021, 25 people came together to understand how can we fund work that tackles the root cause of multiple complex needs.

This was the first of six sessions that will bring together people in York, including residents, students, charity workers, Council staff and people who have lived experience of accessing services.  Over the next 6months we will design and decide how funding from Lankelly Chase (£250,000), will be allocated to address root causes of multiple complex needs.

The session want brilliant – everyone was engaged, enthused and committed to working together. Upon leaving the session the group expressed feeling; energised, connected, heard, intrigued and optimistic. We had difficult conversation about services, seldom heard voices and race.  We also got practical and explored models of participatory grant making.

Ali Spaul, Partnership Coordinator at Two Ridings Community Foundation; For me, this session and the work that is going on, is demonstration that collaboration and relationships alongside diversity, equity and inclusion principles; are not only practiced, they are absolutely raising the work and increasing the joy of it.  

If you’re interested in hearing more – get in touch with Ali on [email protected], 07834 596576 or Twitter @SpaulAli