Directly supporting Ukrainian community foundations to support local people & communities as they need it

Supporting local people on the ground

As war escalates in Ukraine, the 33 Ukrainian community foundations are actively involved in mobilising people and resources to defend their territories.

Two Ridings stand with our Ukraine counterparts and are encouraging donations directly to them.

Just as in the UK, Ukrainian community foundations are uniquely placed to deliver the support that is needed on the ground – deep in the heart of communities.

An emergency grant-making programme has been set up by Ukrainian NGO ISAR Ednannia to enable community organisations to provide emergency supplies, humanitarian aid, transport and to coordinate displaced people.

ISAR Ednannia Emergency Fund (supporting Ukrainian community foundations)

ISAR Ednannia is the largest and most reliable grant-making organisation in the Ukraine. All funds received by them will support Ukrainian people.


Supporting local people displaced from the Ukraine in neighbouring countries 

Community foundations in neighbouring countries are also starting up appeals to support the humanitarian efforts in their countries to support the thousands of fleeing Ukrainian people.

Federation of Community Foundations Poland (supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland)

Slovak Community Foundations Appeal(supporting Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia)

Bucharest Community Foundation (supporting Ukrainian refugees in Romania) 


Direct support from the UK 

In the UK the Disasters Emergency Committee have a Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal bringing together 15 of the leading UK aid charities raising funding to quickly and effectively meet the needs of all the refugees and displaced people from and in Ukraine

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (working with 15 leading UK charities to support refugees and displaced people in Ukraine)


Local funding for refugees 

As the conflict continues Two Ridings will look closely at setting up a fund for refugees in the region working alongside our neighbouring community foundations and infrastructure organisations to ensure a coordinated and timely approach.