Double your giving through match funding

Community philanthropy, where local people help each other by sharing resources for the common good, is the bedrock of the work of community foundations like Two Ridings, and match funding is a powerful enabler of it.

Match funding adds more value to a donation and makes giving go further. A survey of 1,000 donors by the Big Give found that 84% were more likely to give if their donation was matched.

Typical match fund schemes add £1 for every £1 donated to an endowment fund, literally doubling your giving. With gift aid you can increase that even further.

Two Ridings has several match funding opportunities available, thanks to enlightened local authority stakeholders in our region who recognise it is a powerful and effective way to galvanise others to donate money in support of local funds. They also are keen for that local support to carry on forever.

Match funding is available with Two Ridings in the former district areas of Harrogate, Scarborough and Selby, as well as potential match funding in other parts of our region.

Whilst these schemes do require donors to focus their fund in the specific area where the match funding has come from, there is scope for you to choose the goal and direction of their philanthropy and we will support you to achieve this.

Match Funding example

Diagram to show that if you make a £100,000 donation and add £100,000 match funding, as well as £25,000 gift aid, your donation will be worth £225,000


Who is eligible for match funding?

Match funding is open to individuals, families, and businesses who wish to start an endowment fund or build upon an existing endowment fund at Two Ridings Community Foundation.

How to Give

For UK taxpayers, gifts of cash can attract Gift Aid. Two Ridings will match the value of gifts and on some schemes we will also match Gift Aid.

Minimum Gifts

New Fund holders must be committed to setting up a named endowment fund with a minimum donation of £20,000.


Contact  Celia to to discuss your match funding enquiries