Swaledale and Wensleydale


In July 2019 flash flooding caused major devastation across parts of Swaledale, Arkengarthdale and Wensleydale. In response and thanks to generous donations from across the UK, Two Ridings Community Foundation opened the Swaledale & Wensleydale Recovery Fund to provide assistance to people affected by this flooding. Over £250,000 was raised, much of which was led by the local community. All of this money has been spent helping those whose homes were so badly affected to get back on their feet and to help Parish Councils to make emergency repairs to watercourses and other local infrastructure that was badly damaged.

In summer 2020 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced they would match fund the £250,000 that had been raised locally, following the presentation of the case from Two Ridings, Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, York and North Yorkshire LEP and the NFU. The funding will be used to support individual resilience, community resilience and infrastructure work.


Who can apply?

Individuals – Deadline 30th November 2020

Financial support is available to individuals who were flooded in July 2019 to improve their home’s resilience to future flood events.

Funding is available for items like flood gates, flood doors, non-return valves on drains, pumps, air brick covers, drainage channels and walls and other barriers. Funding for measures will be subject to financial assessment of household income.

Please read the guidance notes for eligible expenditure: Individual Resilience Guidance Notes

Individuals can apply for up to £2,500 though this may be increased in exceptional circumstances.

Individual Application Form

Community – Deadline 30th November 2020

Financial support is available for a range of projects that will improve community resilience.

Funding is available for projects that may support natural flood management, slow the flow, flood barriers. Projects may also support training of residents so they are able to support the community in future floods.

Community groups and individuals can apply for up to £10,000 for community resilience projects. Individuals applying must be able to demonstrate the impact on the community and are advised to get in touch to discuss the application prior to submitting.

Please read the guidance notes for eligible expenditure: Swaledale and Wensleydale Community Resilience Guidance Notes

Community Application Form

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