As part of IWD2019 celebrations Two Ridings CEO, Jan Garrill, joined Hull Sisters for a celebration lunch & to drop off items donated at IWD2019 lunches. Thanks to our friends at York Rotary & Next Up for providing essential items to Hull Sisters and other women’s groups in our region.

Hull Sisters provides a range of advice and support services to women from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds living in Hull. Support includes one to one and group sessions on gender related issues such as domestic violence, sexual violence, genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour killings, poor health and welfare rights advice.

Other services include:
• ESOL skills for life,
• Life in the UK preparatory course
• Cooking,
• Sewing & Crochet clubs
• Women only trips & get togethers

Hull Sisters received a grant of £3000 from Two Ridings in 2018 to fund ESOL lessons to develop the confidence and build the self-esteem of the women who attend to enable them to be socially and economically active in their community.