Multi-year funding – how to future proof

Philanthropy Impact LogoOur Business Development Manager, Isabelle, has recently had an article published in Philanthropy Impact on multi-year funding and how attractive – and crucial – it is for any community group, small charity or CIC.

It means that the organisation can focus on what they do best, supporting and working for the local community, rather than on endless time-consuming grant application writing.

Isabelle gets the insights of Seb Glazer from the Vulcan Centre in Hull who talks about how ‘vital it is to have consistency of support for beneficiaries’ and talks with a fund manager about index linking grants so that the value of a multi-year grant doesn’t decrease.

She also gets the view of Bruce Warnes, Trustee of the Shears Foundation around the challenges funders face and how they want their grants to be flexible.

It’s a really interesting and insightful read.

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