New leaders blooming

group of people standing up and learning together

HEY Confident Futures is our flagship leadership development programme and network that supports leaders of charities and community groups in Hull and East Yorkshire. 

Part of the offer of the Confident Futures network is a year long immersive programme called New To Leadership.  Fourteen people, all new leaders in their organisations, are currently on the programme, following in the footsteps of 26 ‘graduates’.

New to Leadership is now entering its third year.  Every single person who has attended has called ‘life-changing’. 

Not only is the experience impacting the individuals themselves, but it is rippling out to their organisations and their teams, and across the wider sector as well.

One leader said:

“The programme has been so powerful and helped me understand myself more and enabled me to believe I can achieve more. It came at the best time for me. I so appreciate that I have been through this.”  

Another leader reflected,

“It’s so strange, but I now realise that giving my time to do the New to Leadership programme, has released so much time in other areas.” 

Facilitator Beth reflected on her own satisfaction on coming again to Hull, a city she feels deeply connected with. 

“What I am seeing again for myself is the impact of me having a long term relationship with a place and its people.” 

Harriet from Two Ridings went on to say:

“Every year the people that go through the New to Leadership programme learn so much about themselves. There are always tears, but it is tears of revelation, and growth, and deep understanding of their worth as a leader and an individual. People change once they have done the course. Their confidence and empathy grow and grow. Hull and East Yorkshire is a richer place because of them.”

group of people sitting around tables with lots of books in the foreground