Life-changing perspectives for our new leaders at HEY Confident Futures

Our second New to Leadership cohort came together again last week for their seventh session. This time exploring having courageous conversations something that we can often avoid at work.

Telling difficult news, giving feedback or disagreements are important skills for leaders and can fill us with fear. The incredible cohort tackled this head on and have already reported back that they are putting their new skills to work.

One new leader, Jenna, said:

‘It was an amazing day and I’m so appreciative I’ve been able to go through this process. It’s been so powerful and helped me *believe* I can achieve more. It came at the best time for me.’

Also this week leaders in Withernsea gathered to discuss what their leadership needs are and connect with colleagues working in the town. There were rich conversations and leaders dipped their toes into some of the types of leadership training that HEYCF delivers.

It was a great day and a treat for the HEYCF team to be able to see the sea from the meeting room window!

collage of leaders