Liz Wild


Committees: Investment, Finance & General Purpose

Liz is an experienced Investment Manager and Executive Director of McInroy & Wood, a private client investment management firm.

Liz established the Harrogate office for McInroy & Wood in 2016 and looks after a range of clients, including a charity with a large endowment. With more than 20 years investment experience, Liz is very familiar with handling complex financial matters. She has a particular interest in smaller companies and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects of investing as well as improving financial education for all.

Impressed by Two Ridings’ rapid response to the coronavirus pandemic, and only too aware of the growing inequalities in society, Liz was drawn to the trustee role so she could contribute more in society. Alongside her specialised financial knowledge, Liz brings experience as a former Trustee of a small educational charity. Liz hopes sharing her professional skills will contribute to reaching and supporting local community organisations where the need is greatest.

Liz lives with her family on a smallholding in Nidderdale.