Peter Oluotch


Committees: Grants

Peter is the Chief Officer of Humber Community Advice Services (H-CAS), a Hull-based charity which he co-founded over 9 years ago. The charity supports Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Hull and the surrounding areas.

Born and brought up in Kenya, Peter worked there as a lawyer for several years. On coming to the UK, he did a Masters degree course in International Law (including Human Rights law).

Peter has worked and raised a family in Hull for the past 19 years, and has lived experience of the challenges and disadvantages that ethnic minority communities from different backgrounds face in UK. With his chosen profession and passion for social justice, Peter chose to do something about these issues, supporting people to improve their lives, addressing inequalities and being a positive contributor of the society. He has an in-depth understanding of charity, and other areas of, law.

Peter has been on the Two Ridings Grants Committee for a year, and becoming a trustee was a natural progression for him. Peter strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and he appreciates that what he stands for align with our values.