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In March 2021 Two Ridings hosted a Selby Voice session with VCSE groups from across Selby District. The headline takeaways were:

  • Mental health is a collective concern at the moment, people are balancing community needs with the well-being of staff and volunteers.
  • The pandemic has created new partnerships and collaborative ways of working…BUT we must build on existing networks, not create new.
  • An asset mapping exercise and resulting tool would be useful for all – such as
  • Digital access has been largely positive in terms of improving accessibility and capacity to engage in partnership.  Behaviour change has happened and digital has been well stress tested.  Digital and data poverty still a concern, plus mental health impact of online only world. Engage in a hybrid/blended way for the future.
  • We must provide resourcing to communities as everyone is really stretched.

People have been really open and sharing, there is positivity about working together.  But people are genuinely stretched so if we progress with further sessions we should complement what is in place.  And/or have resource in place to enable capacity to engage.

Also attached are the images from the event, available individually and open for all to use.


Selby Voice

Selby Voice