The Deciding Together Local Fund for York opens

Two Ridings are very pleased to be opening The Deciding Together Local Fund for York this week.

This is a new fund that puts people in York in control of £240,000 to design and decide on grants to help the city better respond to people facing multiple issues including homelessness, addiction & recovery, mental health & well being, poverty and offending.


The aims of the fund are:

  • To connect and help create space so that people can explore, understand, question and change systems that perpetuate disadvantage in York. 
  • To involve people who live, work and/or access services in York– both how the fund operates and what it supports (funds).  
  • To learn and share with others how funds like this can help change the ways things are done. 

What could the Deciding Together Local Fund for York support?

Anything the fund supports should have long term impact in mind rather than meeting direct and immediate need.

The fund may allow people to take a step back, think strategically, explore who they could work with and how they learn from different approaches.  They may experiment, create a prototype and get things wrong.

People do not have to have a detailed plan in place and stick to it for the duration of their funding.  This fund gives people the space for the approach to fully form.  An idea could change and evolve over time as people discover/understand more.

So it could support:

  • Ideas that are preventative (not crisis management)
  • Ideas that help people come together to make solutions for themselves
  • Ideas that bring people around an issue to address it from multiple angles
  • Breathing space that give people the time to explore systems and perpetuation of multiple disadvantage

The fund could therefore be used for:

  • Salaries
  • Organisational overheads
  • Equipment
  • Venue hire 
  • Most reasonable things that are needed to help you, your group or partnership explore and develop your idea. 

The Deciding Together Local Fund for York was set up between Lankelly Chase, Two Ridings Community Foundation and York Multiple Complex Needs Network  (York MCN) to explore ways to do things differently and shift the power.

Two Ridings have facilitated the process, but have not made the decisions. The process and decisions have been made by the people involved, for the people.

The Application Process

In brief, the application is short and simple – only 5 questions in total.

There are two types of grants that can be applied for: Up to £1000 and Over £1000 with no specific limit beyond the limit of the funding available.

There are two drop-in sessions on the 23rd July and 8th September between 10am and 11am for people wanting to apply to find out more.  Book here for the drop-in sessions.

Fill in an application form here for the Deciding Together Local Fund for York

For further information get in touch with Ali Spaul on 07834 596576 or Email her [email protected]