What is full cost recovery? And other questions answered at our monthly Drop-In

Our third monthly Friends of Two Ridings Drop-In took place on Monday attended by people from all over the region. We had people from Hull, Ryedale, East Riding, Malton, York, Ripon and Wakefield, all discussing their communities, what was on their minds right then and asking questions about grants, funding and how to survive.


Check in & Grants to apply for right now

After a Check-in with everyone where we established what people hoped to gain from attending and a discussion on how we all turn up to the space in an open-minded and non-judgemental way to facilitate rich discussions, Roxanne from our Grants team went through all the current open grants relevant to the people in the room.

Yorkshire-wide Bettys & Taylors Coronavirus Community Fund is still open to help communities recover following the pandemic and in York the Nimbuscare Community Fund is open for another 2 weeks to support wellbeing and to help communities connect. Roxanne also encouraged people to apply for Small Grants for core or project costs.

All these grants and others are listed on our Apply for funding page. If you have any questions about grants and funding, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone on 01904 929500 and talk to our friendly grants team. They are really happy to help.

Grants Team

Your questions answered 

We went on to an open floor, where people could as whatever they liked. Here are a selection of the questions asked and the answers.

‘What is full recovery cost?’  

  • ‘As well as the direct project costs, it’s important to also including a proportion of any shared overheads such as the salary costs of a manager, rent, electricity bills etc. to ensure the grant reflects the ‘full cost’ of the project.’

And here’s a really comprehensive video where Fran from our Finance team takes you step-by-step through crucial financial advice on budgeting and forecasting.


‘Can we apply for more than one grant at the same time?’

  • Yes! But we advise you to give us a call so we can do this ‘behind the scenes’, making it easier for you!


‘Can schools apply for funding?’

  • Rox explained that all applications are looked at individually and it depended on what the project looking for funding was about 


‘Can we send you our application in before we have finished it, to check we are doing ok?’

  • The simple answer to this was ‘No’ because of the way we process grant applications. But the actual answer to this was more thorough. We explained how applications are received, and the assessment process the application goes through leading to an independent panel making the decisions of funding allocations. We talked about Community First Yorkshire being available to go through applications with people as well as local CVS organisations. 


Quick links to infrastructure organisations who can support you with grant applications

North Yorkshire: Community First Yorkshire | York Community & Voluntary Services: York CVS  | Hull Community & Voluntary Services: Hull CVS | Scarborough Coast & Vale Community Action: CAVCA | Harroga& District Community Action: HADCA | East Riding Voluntary Action Services: ERVAS


Breakout rooms

We then went into breakout rooms and discussed issues in our communities right now.

On reconvening, a poll was taken to check the day and time of day worked best for people for a Two Ridings Drop-In and 88% of people liked Mondays and preferred the morning. In fact people said it was a really positive start to their week. So that was good to know.



We checked out, reflecting on how we felt about the session with people coming away hopeful, informed, positive and connected. Three people immediately said they would be ‘back next month’. One attendee told us ‘It wasn’t so scary – I thought funders were dragons and they aren’t’. So we were pleased to dispel that myth.


See you next month

The next Drop-In will be on Monday 4th April between 10am and 11am. We would love to see you there.

Book online directly Online Event Page | Eventbrite  and the zoom link will be sent directly to you. And don’t worry, if you sign up and can’t make it, no need to let us know, we understand!

If you have any issues booking online, please contact us on 01904 929500

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