Street Aid logoThere are lots of reasons why people ask for your spare change on the street. Each person has their own story to tell, and many of us instinctively want to give money to someone we think needs our help. But giving money directly to people on the streets can actually keep them on the streets for longer.


If you donate to Street Aid, your donation is combined with others to make a sum that will make a real difference to someone’s life. Money donated goes directly towards helping homeless people, and those at risk of homelessness in York.

Help us help people on the street turn a corner.

How does it work?

  1. Donate to York Street Aid here, at the contactless tap point at Spark York or via texting ‘YORKSTREETAID’ to 70085 to donate £3 .
  2. Donations are pooled together into the York Street Aid Fund.
  3. Grants are distributed to individuals for specific items to help them turn a corner, which will help them get off, and stay off, the streets.

Supporting people to apply

People applying for Street Aid grants work alongside a local supporting organisation like Carecent, the Peasholme Charity, Good Organisation or Changing Lives, that has assessed their circumstances and can support them with their application.

A Street Aid Grant is not normally used for crisis support and each person applying will have different needs. A Street Aid grant is  designed to offer long-term, planned help that will bring about real change for an individual. Being creative about what is needed is welcomed.

A Street Aid grant might be used for:-

  • Clothing and a hair cut for job interviews
  • Regular transport to interview/place of work
  • A second hand bike to provide transport to place of work and to help you feel fit and well.
  • Education/training courses to give good employment opportunities or enable an interest to be discovered.
  • Refurbished lap top to assist with job searches or just to keep connected with loved ones.
  • Paying for the use of an allotment, including a shed and tools, to bring happiness and wellbeing
  • Funding to help with health and fitness goals – including gym clothing, trainers, classes or membership
  • A musical instrument to ignite a passion

In a position where you want to apply for a Street Aid grant? Click Here

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