Knabs Ridge Wind Farm Community Fund

Two Ridings Community Foundation manages community benefit funds provided by alternative energy suppliers as part of their developments. One fund run by RWE Renewables is the Knabs Ridge Wind Farm community benefit fund near Harrogate, which supports local projects identified by local people.

The Knabs Ridge Fund has funded refurbishments and renovations to community buildings, as well as new equipment for playgroups, drama clubs, sports facilities and play areas.

The Fund has also helped counter the ‘digital divide’ by financing public internet and computer access to Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall.

Currently, the fund is closed. We aim to reopen after February 2024 when further funds are available.

Size of grants

For this round, you can apply for up to £3,500.


Or, you can apply for a micro grant of up to £700 at any time (funds allowing).

If you are going to repeat the work you are applying for through a micro grant, you can apply for more than one year at once. So you can apply for up to £700 per year, for up to three years. If you are applying for a multi-year micro grant, please make this clear in your application.

Who can apply?

Please read our ‘How to Apply’ page for information on general eligibility.

The fund is available to small local charities and voluntary and community groups based in the parishes of:

  • Felliscliffe, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, Norwood, Darley and Menwith, Haverah Park with Beckwithshaw, and Fewston.

In addition parish councils can apply provided that the proposed project is wholly charitable and falls outside of their usual remit.


How to apply?

First, please check your general eligibility with us here: How To Apply

Next, please read the Knabs Ridge Guidance 2023  for this grant scheme carefully. Please read them even if you have applied before, as they may have changed.

Then, complete the online form.

Lastly, we only consider your application complete when we have received all supporting documents, either attached to the online application or emailed to the office.

Please note: If you are sending your supporting documents in the post, please can we ask that they are NOT stapled. Thank you so much!

When to apply?

Micro grants

The fund is currently closed for micro grants. We will be able to open again after February 2024 for microgrants.

When we are open, there is no deadline for micro grants and we accept applications at any time.

After we have received your fully completed application, we aim to respond with a decision within 4-6 weeks.

If you are applying for a micro grant for an event, please make sure you apply at least six weeks before the event. This will give enough time to process your application, and if you are successful, make payment before the event.

Larger grants

The fund is now closed for grants of up to £3,500. The deadline was the 20th of October 2023. We will hold a decision making panel in mid-November. After that, you will hear from us with a decision by early December. We will open for another round of the Knabs Ridge Wind Farm Community Fund in 2024.

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