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The Heart of Yorkshire, the Fund for Selby District established by a £2million donation from Selby District Council to the Two Ridings Community Foundation.  As part of a Government reorganisation in 2023, the Selby District Council will dissolve and become part of a wider North Yorkshire authority. In order to provide their local community with a lasting legacy, the council has invested the money as an endowment fund and the annual interest will be awarded in grants to support local people to deliver activities in their community, year on year, forever. The fund aims to provide a long term, sustainable source of funding to support local charitable activity in the Selby District that meets the identified needs in the area. Funds for grant making in the first year have come from an initial allocation of £100,000 from Selby District Council.

What are the priorities for the fund?

The funds will support charitable activity for the wellbeing of people in the Selby District (please check the map for the area).  Applicants should clearly demonstrate how they are working to address the following priorities which have been identified by Two Ridings Community Foundation from local data and community insights:

Health and wellbeing

  • We will prioritise projects that provide support to older and vulnerable people to live dignified, productive and healthy lifestyles.
  • We will priortise projects that provide support to children and young people to access and enjoy healthy lifestyles (this could be physical activity, access to the outdoors, improving their mental wellbeing)
  • We will prioritise projects that provide support to improve mental health and wellbeing

Education and Training

  • We will prioritise projects that develop employability skills
  • We will prioritise projects that provide volunteering opportunities


  • We will prioritise projects that support increased biodiversity
  • We will prioritise projects that support environmental improvements

Community Sector Resilience

  • We will prioritise community spaces requiring funding to stay open

Map of Selby District

Size of grants

up to £10,000

Who can apply?

All groups should meet our general eligibility criteria which can be found here:

Groups must:

  • Be based in and/or working in Selby District
  • Have a management committee with at least 3 unrelated members
  • Be a voluntary organisation, community group, registered charity or other not for profit organisation
  • Have a bank account in the group’s name (with two unrelated signatories as a minimum)
  • Have an annual income of under £500,000 based on current forecast annual income.

How to apply?

Please read the guidance notes carefully before applying. This will give you information about the fund and the priorities tohelp you make a decision about if your project meets the critieria.

If you are still unsure after reading the guidance notes please do not hesititate to contact the grants team who will be happy to help further.

The Heart of Yorkshire the fund for Selby District Guidance Notes

When to apply?

Grants up to £2,000 can be applied for all year round (subject to available funding). These will be reviewed by the panel on a monthly basis

Grants between £2,001 and £10,000 can be applied for between 1st November 2021 and 31st January 2022. Decisions for these grants will be made in early March 2022 (date to be confirmed)

Apply - Grants up to £2,000 Apply - Grants over £2,001

Areas covered

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