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Two Ridings is a regional grant maker awarding funding from funds we steward for our donors and supporters. Our aim is to make a lasting difference to local people in our communities.

Some of our funding is region-wide and some is place-based. Other funding is offered in order to tackle a specific issue or address different needs. When applying you must read the eligibility criteria and guidance notes for the funding before you apply to check it is the right funding for you.

Scroll down to see all our funding currently available in the region.  Alternatively click on the map or the area name below to bring up funding available in a specific area of Yorkshire.

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Open Funds in Harrogate

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Bettys and Taylors Group Community Fund

North Yorkshire and York
Core costs, Project costs
£5,000 - £10,000
Deadline: 01/07/2024
Funding for enabling skills development, social mobility and employability.
Learn more and apply

Community First Prime Opportunities Fund

Project costs
Grants up to £500
The Prime Opportunities fund supports projects and individuals working in areas of significant disadvantage which enable children and young people to maximise their potential.
Learn more and apply

Dulverton Trust Fund

Project costs
£500 - £5,000
Deadline: 16/08/2024
Funding to support small organisations who support youth opportunities, general welfare, conservation and preservation
Learn more and apply

Knabs Ridge Wind Farm Community Fund

Project costs
£1 - £700
Provides grants to fund charitable, educational, environmental or community projects for the benefit of residents in the area around the Knabs Ridge Wind Farm.
Learn more and apply

Funds Opening Soon in Harrogate

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Small Grants

North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, York, Hull
Core costs, Project costs
£200 - £2,000
We are currently reviewing and updating our small grants process and will be opening again soon for applications.
Learn more

THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District

Project costs
£200 - £3,000
Supporting small local voluntary and community organisations who keep people connected with each other and their communities.
Learn more

Other Funds in Harrogate

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No funds available for this location

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